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Isabelle Pead (b. London 1996) is a visual artist living and working between London and Stuttgart. Informed by actions of storytelling, social interaction and collective sharing, her body of work explores the power women hold as catalysts for community. Her multidisciplinary practice incorporates performance, sound, film, installation and curation: often inhabiting the faceless figure of ‘woman/mother’ to perform ritualised actions of domestic labour such as cooking, cleaning and planting. Through these gestures of care and nourishment she encourages participation and social discourse.

Since graduating from the University of Leeds with an BA (hons) Fine Art International, in 2019, her interdisciplinary works have been exhibited widely, most recently at: online residency for Orbit, online arts platform (2020), Art Base, Wiesbaden, (Germany 2019), Galerie Kaufhof, (Stuttgart 2019), MOM Art Space, Gängeviertel, (Hamburg 2019), Old Truman Brewery, (London 2019), University of Leeds, (Leeds 2019) and Wharf Chambers (Leeds 2019). As well as collaborative performances at South London Gallery (London, 2020), Leeds Art Gallery (Leeds, 2019), the Clothworkers Hall, (Leeds, 2019) and The Hepworth Gallery, (Wakefield, 2017).


Additionally, she is the co-founder of FOLDABLE SOUNDS (2020), an online sound project and platform that seeks to engage with people, sound and their collective potential as a political tool. She is also the founder of ANHARMONIC Online Film Festival (2020), an experimental film festival, celebrating new art based, non-narrative film making.


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